11th November 2011 An Auspicious Day

by thelifesavour

As I had said I would, I flew to Lebanon on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011, knowing nothing of numerology, but hoping, deciding, to make it an auspicious day.

It is the day that my gorgeous engaged friend had in her diary as the day to go wedding dress shopping. When it had looked unlikely that I would be flying on the 11th, I comforted myself with the thought, wrapping it around me like a silk shawl, that at least I could look at wedding dresses instead, be a part of her rite of passage, if I couldn’t make my own.

In the end, she had to cancel. And I, to everyone’s surprise, got my ticket after all. I got my plan A, and decided it would be a beginning, everything set to 1.