Beware the baby monitor

by thelifesavour

A word of warning for anyone on their way to Beirut with a baby monitor and bags of sweets and boxes of tea, all packed perfectly into a pink petalled suitcase. You may cause a queue at security. You may have to explain the worrying combination of an ‘electrical item and organic matter’ in your hand luggage. Nobody said the word but I knew what they were thinking.

Writing this now I’m reminded of several Lebanese friends last year when I told them that my daughter would be born in Beirut. Their mock horror response ‘oh no she’ll be a terrorist!’ was startling. But maybe they were just thinking ahead to the baby monitor bomb scenario. 

Fortunately my beautiful Beirut baby, emissary of peace, was unfazed by the whole episode, smiling and singing throughout and only batting her eyelids to charm the entire airport.