The stop-start-risotto experiment

by thelifesavour

Last night, against my better judgement, I made a risotto. I don’t make it in the evenings anymore as it’s a dish I like to give my full attention to and now that full attention belongs somewhere else, with my sweet baby who seems to always stir from her slumber at the crucial stock-pouring-stirring-in moments.

But last night I couldn’t resist the bag of mushrooms brought home by my husband as a surprise and the serendipity of the stock I had made in the morning. It had to be a risotto.So I decided to risk it and conduct a cooking experiment.

And I am happy to report, in case you ever wondered, that you can stop and start a risotto in the middle, at least 3 times for luck, and it is still wonderful and worth waiting for in all its earthy goodness.

p.s. This has been a stop-start-blog-post, written during a fragile afternoon nap, broken into at least 3 pieces. She must have known 🙂