Beiteddine by bus

by thelifesavour

In case you ever wondered, it is possible to get on a bus with your baby in Beirut and go almost as far as Beiteddine,on a road that winds around the mountains and climbs above the clouds to a palace, where you can sit in the shade and be serenaded by musicians and served by a tall waiter with a suit and a serious face, who brings the drinks and aubergine dip you ordered and the nuts, olives, pickles that you didn’t.

You will find your way, even though there are no bus stops, just the slow dusty roads to stand along and the landmarks you have to look out for, like a bride in a box outside a wedding dress shop and a roundabout waving flags to greet you.

The fresh air will by a salve for your city sick family. You will see your husband’s heart stretching and easing with each deep green breath and you will hear your baby sing as she drinks in the view with her eyes the colour of the sea always changing.

You will be glad you came.