Thumbs up Mum!

by thelifesavour

Some moments from today:

The electricity coming back on, after an unplanned power cut, just in time to save me from six flights of stairs with a baby under one arm and a buggy under the other.

First mother and baby yoga class, all the babies far more flexible than the mammas, and all experts in hair grabbing, wriggling and giggling.

Negotiating with the taxi driver in three languages and my hands, held up two and a half times to fix the price- 25 fingers, 25,000 Lebanese lire.

Post yoga lunch at Cappucino on Zaitounay Bay (links to come later!)- sandwiches, french fries in a flower pot and one huge slice of carrot cake with three forks for three hungry mothers (and babies with hungry eyes).

Two old recipes with two new twists. Pasta with broccoli and garlic and my husband’s tasty last minute suggestion of Sardinian salsiccia. Then chocolate brownies, from a Nigella recipe, via my aunt, via my fridge with a left over Chocolate Orange, both melted in the mixture, and in tiny chunks.  

Going in to check on my sleeping baby after almost 3 hours (an almost miracle!), waiting to see her breathing, and instead seeing her tiny thumb (my thumb in miniature) twitch as if to say, we’re all good here, no need to worry. Thumbs up Mum!