Laughing our socks off

by thelifesavour

Today we try yoga at home but every time I hold your arms open in a stretch I can’t help leaning in to kiss your tummy. You laugh so much you get hiccups and your socks fall off  your squirming feet. I imagine the slightly serious yoga teacher frowning at us for having too much fun!

We try again later on the bed, after an unsuccessful attempt at an afternoon nap. This time you want to eat my elbows and hold your feet, your new favourite playthings, swinging them from side to side. And this time I can’t resist putting them to my mouth and gobbling up your tiny toes in a mouthful of giggles.

When you do finally sleep your arms are flung back luxuriously in one of you many wild and beautiful sleeping positions. I lie beside you for awhile and watch your fingers flex and flicker as though you are plucking the strings of an invisible violin held high above your head.