One handed tomato soup

by thelifesavour

My Polish friend and I have a soup tradition, carved out over the cold winter months when we would have weekly lunches at each other’s houses trying an array of colourful recipes- pea, carrot, squash, onion, broccoli- to brighten the grey days and warm our far-away-from- home hearts.

We see each other today and as she has just returned from Sri Lanka she prepares a soup that she learnt whilst travelling. With only three ingredients- garlic, ginger, tomatoes (and a bit of butter and sugar for luck)- it is somehow both rich and light at the same time. And somehow she managed to make it almost one handed (having injured the other one in a tuk-tuk accident on holiday). It is a soup to savour while we share our stories of the past few weeks and the baby sleeps sweetly in the other room instead of the sling, leaving me to enjoy eating with both hands for once.