Bread and Roses

by thelifesavour

At your party yesterday, people brought you lovely thoughtful gifts, two of which stuck in my mind as I lay in bed last night re-living the day, wrapping it around me like a soft blanket.

They were a freshly baked loaf of bread and a gorgeous potted red rose. Two of your most favourite things.

They reminded me of something you told me in the very beginning. More than eleven years ago, when we had only just met, you wrote me an email, which I re-read today.

You wrote to me about ‘Bread and Roses’,  the title of a film and the slogan of American workers in the early 1900s demanding a better life, not just what is necessary but what is beautiful too. You told me that I was your rose, and maybe your bread too.

It makes me think of all these years we have spent together, all the kitchens and gardens we have lived and loved in,  and the life we have built, both necessary and beautiful.

Happy Birthday my love, my bread and roses