Happy Cake Day

by thelifesavour

Yesterday we celebrated my husband being a year older and my baby being half a year old, in the way my family does best- with lots of cake (and tea on the terrace).

Here are some of the before and after the party moments:

Making tiramisu with my husband the night before, working quietly together in the kitchen, taking it in turns to spoon and whisk and dip and dust. Following an old recipe,  comforting in its simplicity- five eggs, five spoons of sugar, 500 grams  of mascarpone (or nearly, as we saved a generous spoonful to add to a sugo another day).

Making fruit salad at 4 am, not wanting to waste the night hour when there is nothing to do but wait for my baby to remember that she should be sleeping not singing or swinging her legs in the air.  While I listen to her on the baby monitor, I slice apples and pears and bananas, squeeze oranges and a lemon, dissect a pomegranate and think of the fruit salad we ate last weekend at Tawlet Ammiq in the Bekaa Valley (http://www.soukeltayeb.com/tawlet/ammiq/shou-tabkhin-bi-ammiq-el-yom/).  I run out of time to add the walnuts, but luckily remember to do it in the morning.

Making up a plate of leftovers- brownies, banana bread, cupcakes- and taking it down to the concierge’s wife who just stands there smiling at me while I try to explain that it is my husband’s birthday and my baby’s half birthday. In the end I give up and just give her the plate and smile back. Cake speaks louder than words.