Best case scenario

by thelifesavour

In order not to lose my status as an examiner for the British Council I had to work on Saturday, leaving my baby for four hours for the first time.  All week I worried away at the thought of it (even dreaming it) turning it over and over in my mind, finding all the things that could go wrong (no taxis, too much traffic, exam schedule running behind, teething, tears- hers and mine).

Until finally the day dawned and with it a new thought-that I could imagine the best case scenario instead of the worst. I remembered a wise Buddhist man saying that when you are facing the future, and deciding how to see it, you have two choices- hope or fear. They are two sides of the same bright coin of the unknown.

So I decided to flip the coin.

And in the end, what I got was even better than my best case scenario- taxis waiting like chariots to escort me door to door and charging far less than I was willing to pay; an exam schedule that was running ahead and meant I could leave more than half an hour early, and sweetest of all, opening the door to find my husband and my baby beaming at me, welcoming me home.