by thelifesavour

There are so many things I want to remember about your first six months. For now I will choose just six:

-the way you open your mouth as wide as it will go and hold it against my cheek, giving me whole face kisses, eating me up with delight.

-the way your body stretches and bends and twists- your ballerina straight legs, your locust yoga pose, your head held so high and your eyes so bright like a little meerkat.

-the way you are with books, opening and closing them, singing their stories, trying to get inside the pages, eating them with your eyes (and sometimes your mouth too)

-the way you grab my lips, my cheeks, my chin and your papa’s ears, his nose, his Adam’s apple, as though you are trying to take our faces apart piece by piece and finally understand how we work, these funny parents of yours.

-the way you are fascinated by your own hands,  holding them up to your face, to the light, looking for clues, as though every day they are new to you.

– the way you get hiccups every time you giggle and how it reminds me that you were always hiccuping when you were in my belly, bubbling with joy before you even arrived.