Baby Led Cooking

by thelifesavour

My question today about baby led weaning :

How long do you boil a carrot so that it is still firm enough for your baby to grasp in her fist and bring to her mouth, but soft enough that she will be able to chew it with her toothless gums and swallow without choking?

I search on Google for a much reduced version of the above and get many possible answers, but the definitive one comes in the end from my baby herself. I put the carrot sticks on to boil when she has her first mid morning yawn, intending to leave them for about 15 minutes but it isn’t until almost half an hour later when she finally surrenders to sleep that I can get back to the kitchen and take them off the heat.

Fortunately I discover at lunch time that they are just right, tiny orange batons to be passed from hand to mouth. She must have somehow known and kept me busy just long enough to let them cook perfectly.