Painted Feet

by thelifesavour

Yesterday I had my first pedicure of the season, already late by Beirut standards as the beach clubs opened two weeks ago, but early by my ‘pre-Beirut’ standards when pedicures were reserved for occasions like weddings or very special treats.

I choose a colour that matches my new summer shoes and because I like the name Tangerine. (Last year my favourite shade was Watermelon- for the same two reasons). My nails look different in every light, sometimes red, sometimes orange, sometimes coral and I can’t quite get used to them.

Are they really me? 

Today’s activity, also involving paint and feet, is a world away from the nail salon. With two other mammas we make pale cakes of salt dough; press our babies’ perfect feet into them leaving slightly imperfect imprints; bake them in the oven while we eat our lunch and then paint them a glittery green like the sea on a summer’s day.

In this friendly living room light I notice that the red poster paint is exactly the same shade as my toenails, bright and definite.

So maybe it is me after all, the perfect colour for a Beirut Mamma.