by thelifesavour

We’ve got post! My husband calls to me as he leaves for work this morning.

This wouldn’t be anything unusual if we didn’t live in Lebanon and didn’t have to describe where we live using landmarks like Abdul Nasser Statue, or Hamade Bakery or Park Lane Hotel. Officially we do have an address but I don’t know it and even if I did I would never give it to anyone with the hope of receiving any post. We have two front doors but not a letterbox between them.

All of which is why I feel mostly disbelief, but also a tiny twinge of excitement when I hear my husband’s words this morning.  

It turns out what he meant by post was flyers for a new shwarma take away restaurant, left lying on the floor, one for each of our doors. For a country with no addresses Lebanon has an incredible ‘delivery’ culture. You can have any dish your heart desires, including shwarma, delivered to your door any time of day or night. But only if you can find a way to tell them where you live!