Don’t worry Be Happy This is Lebanon

by thelifesavour

In the last 24 hours we have had 3 ‘false alarm’ situations.

First of all, the fridge freezer stopped working yesterday, prompting a major melt down, mostly mine, but the ice cream was involved too. We called someone who knew someone and arranged a repairman for today, only to discover this morning that it had mysteriously started working again.

Maybe it was something to do with the electricity? my husband suggests as a possible explanation (in Lebanon, lots of things are to do with the electricity, you can set your watch by the power cuts).

For once I don’t need an explanation, I’m just happy it works again. But moments later I get my second false alarm in the shape of a rash, red and prickly, which I find on the back of my baby’s neck.

Is it sunburn? Is it an allergy to broccoli? Is it something more serious?

Some Google research and conversations with calm people satisfy me that is just a heat rash and there is no need to take her to hospital or even the pharmacy, just cool down.

Last but not least, a text message arrives via the security people at my husband’s work telling us to avoid an area of the city where clashes are taking place. Normally this wouldn’t cause me too much concern. Beirut is a pot of water on a rolling boil and there are always clashes taking place somewhere around the edges. But today we were planning to travel south to see friends, and the main road would take us right through the middle of that somewhere. I start to make contingency plans but before I get very far another message arrives declaring that the situation is under control and it is now safe to travel. So we do. And spend the afternoon, sitting in a paddling pool on the rooftop of a villa on the edge of the Chouf Mountains, only 20km from Beirut, but feeling a million miles away.

This evening when the landlord comes to collect the rent my husband asks him about ‘the situation’. His answer, his motto as he said,  gave me the title of this post.