Father’s Day

by thelifesavour

Father’s Day in Lebanon always falls on the 21st June, just as Mother’s Day is always on 21st March here.

I like the fact that mamas are celebrated on the first day of Spring- all about beauty and beginnings-and papas on the first day of summer and the longest day of the year- full of both fun and endurance.

Last year on Father’s Day I was pregnant, so officially my husband wasn’t quite a father, but his colleagues at work (mostly Lebanese women with sweet teeth) bought him a huge cake.

This year, now he is well and truly a father, there was no surprise waiting at work- the honeymoon period is over, and the sleepless reality of fatherhood has set in.

But then who needs cake when you have breakfast in bed with your baby, calling you ba-pa over and over again, singing and clapping-  an autonomous concert as you said- and almost managing a standing ovation with the help of your daddy knees to pull her up.