Painted feet 2

by thelifesavour

At the beginning of the summer season I wrote about our feet, mine with a new red pedicure and yours pressed into salt dough then painted sea green.

Now autumn is coming, my toes are on their third coat of paint-peachy pink- and it is time for a painting of your own.

Your very first piece of art work was a whole body effort. Not just finger painting but elbow-tummy-knee painting.

You crawled back and forth across your piece of paper (and around the room, chased by me!) spreading yellow and blue paint everywhere.

Occasionally you would stop and try to pick up the bigger blobs of paint between your thumb and forefinger, the way you pick up peas, or the way you sometimes try to pick up my toenails, lift them off my feet, like little salmon pink shells.

At the end of the afternoon, your page was a bright swirling sea like the Mediterranean outside, and your toenails were a deep shade of turquoise, your first pedicure to go with your first painting.