The baby on the bus says…

by thelifesavour

The children’s song The Wheels on the Bus is a favourite with my baby and one I remember well from my own childhood. But I recently discovered that there are endless subtle variations to the verses depending on where you’re from, and when we go to our local baby music group I have to remind myself that the wheels on the bus go round and round ‘all around the town’ instead of  ‘all day long’.  This difference only mildly surprised me, but I was almost shocked to learn from a friend that while in the UK the babies on the bus go ‘boo hoo hoo’ or ‘wah, wah, wah‘, in Norway they go ‘tee hee hee’, giggling with glee. Maybe Unicef took this into account when compiling their report on  child well being in rich countries and it may explain why Norway ranked more than 10 places higher than the UK.

Meanwhile in Lebanon (not rich enough for Unicef’s list), the baby on the bus, or rather the baby at home listening to The Wheels on the Bus, says ‘beep beep beep‘ just like the horn/bell in the verse number 3/5/6.

Or perhaps more like the horns outside. How fitting a ‘first word’ for a baby born in Beirut!