Nearly the most expensive cake ever*

by thelifesavour

On Saturday I baked my first ever vegan cake (adapted slightly from this wonderful recipe– I used sunflower oil, oat milk, only 50g dark choc and no nuts). The imported ingredients, especially the $10 a bottle maple syrup, Italian ‘tender whole wheat’ flour and organic oat milk made it one of the most expensive cakes I’ve ever made (see * below). But it was worth it. And I now have a cake my vegan friend can eat, and my possibly-allergic-to-egg baby too! Just in time for her birthday.


*I made ‘the most expensive cake ever’ last Christmas but never wrote about it (except in my head) because I wasn’t blogging at the time. It was our first Christmas away from our families and our first one as a family of 3. We celebrated with friends and one of our baby’s many twins (a sweet teddy bear of a boy two weeks younger than her, but here in Lebanon if ever we go out with more than one baby at time, you can bet your buggy we’ll always be asked are they twins?). I had offered to bake ‘the cake’ and instead of a traditional Christmas one I went for Mary Berry’s Victorian Christmas Cake because I thought the ingredients would be easier to find (really what was I thinking!). I spent Christmas eve searching high (TSC-boutique supermarket at the souks) and low (Idriss/Calimera- little local shops) for the glace cherries that may as well have been rubies and the ground almonds that were like gold dust. A real treasure hunt. But I would do it all again, especially as now I know where to look.