3 Rooms with a View

by thelifesavour

We’ve spent the last few days as tourists in Lebanon.  It was our first ‘holiday’ as a family of 3, celebrating 3 anniversaries- a marriage, a meeting and a birth- that all take place in the space of 3 weeks.

If my baby was writing this post she would probably tell you about the food; being allowed to stay up for dinner with her parents 2 nights in a row; her first taste of hommos from Jacqeline (and nearly first taste of Arak from Toni); and 3 Lebanese breakfasts- cucumber, tomatoes and labneh spread on her most favourite thing of all- bread- which she probably ate a kilo of over the holiday.

If my husband was writing this post he would probably tell you about the sleep-as deep and dark green as the valley-and the beds; the first one just slightly too soft; the second just slightly too hard; but the third just right- so fairy tale perfect in fact and we even lifted up the huge, high mattress, looking (in vain) for the label, hoping that one day we could buy one for our happily-ever-after-house.

But my baby and my husband are not writing this post, I am, and as I am drawn to windows wherever I go I will tell you about the views, or better still show you.


View from Mar Antonios Monastery, Qadisha Valley
In the morning you can still see the moon, wafer thin like a shred of Arabic bread


View from Jacqueline and Toni’s B and B, Hasroun
In the corner of the shot you can just see two women, perched precariously on a rooftop, like birds.


View from Pineland Resort, Ras El Metn
At night you can watch the fireworks from your widescreen balcony, bursting across the valley.