Happy New Year

by thelifesavour

During our recent stay at Pinelands we told one of the hotel porters, who said he had a girl about your age, that you would be turning one in a few days time.

Happy New Year he said and we all smiled.

Last night it actually felt like New Year’s Eve. There was late loud music and fireworks in our street,  which were for Eid, but which I pretended were for you (even though you slept through it all, while I stayed up late, waiting for a cake to cook and wrapping up boxes in shiny paper).

And so today is your New Year’s Day.

Happy Birthday my slightly-less-little one, my baby-but-not-really-anymore, my sweet girl.

p.s. My next few posts will be for you, for us, for one day when we want to look back and remember one year.