One to remember: Teething (and more eating!)

by thelifesavour

Your favourite thing to have for breakfast is toast, with or without cream cheese but not with strawberry jam.

You don’t seem to have inherited either my English love of porridge or you Italian papa’s love of cake for the first meal of the day.

This was a conversation we had over breakfast about a month ago:

Me to baby: Would you like to try some of mama’s cake? (the much blogged about baby friendly banana loaf)

Baby: head shaking, hand waving, mouth closed (three of her many ways of saying no)

Me to husband: She doesn’t want it. I was so sure she’d like it. She doesn’t seem to like sweet things that much. How can I have produced a child that doesn’t like cake.

Husband:How many teeth does she have?

Me:Four, but I don’t think she’s teething now.

Husband: No, but maybe she hasn’t got her sweet tooth yet.

I half laughed and rolled my eyes at the time but maybe he was right and your sweet teeth, or sweet taste buds, are still to come, the way that my tomato taste buds didn’t arrive until I fell in love with an Italian at 21. And I’m still waiting for my olive ones.