One to remember: Communication- body language

by thelifesavour

Although I think officially your first word might have been beep beep beep, you mostly rely on gestures and sounds to tell us what you want-or what you don’t- and in true Italian style you talk with your hands.

You have been clapping randomly, when you’re happy and you know it and also when you don’t, since you were 7 months old, but recently started doing it specifically whenever we say ‘Brava!’, which is all the time!

We also noticed just before your birthday that when we say ‘shall we wash your hands’  (also all the time) you rub them together with a serious face and imaginary soap.

But by far your favourite thing to communicate is ‘no’– waving your hands, waggling your finger and shaking your head, sometimes accompanied by various sounds-from grunts to growls-depending on how clear you are that you don’t want something. You were obviously paying attention when the concierge was teaching us to use gestures  for saying no in Arabic– and I think you could turn down a taxi (or rather an insistent taxi driver) far more effectively than I ever could!