One to remember: Playing- Tea for Two

by thelifesavour

Play is all about pairs.

Pairs of things, not necessarily matching (and not necessarily toys) are what you like to play with, one in each hand. As long as there are two of something, or even better three or four or more, you will be busy for ages moving, passing, stacking, your objects whether they are sugar sachets, plastic plates or individually boxed tea bags.

Pairs of opposites is how you play:

in/out- you are very good at taking things out of containers and you can sometimes be persuaded to put them back in again.

open/close- you love doors, especially forbidden fridges and filing cabinets.

on/off switches- you are fascinated with the buttons on your baby radio, your musical teapot and your bilingual singing lion/leone!

Pairs of shoes, ours, that you love to pick up up from our bedroom floor, one by one, and pass to us, smiling your sweet helpful smile (it’s not just shoes you do this with but pretty much anything left on the floor that you think shouldn’t be, from socks to peas to fluff!)