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by thelifesavour


Beiteddine April 2013

In between these two photos, taken almost 8 months apart, is more than half your life.

Then, it was the start of spring and we came by bus to escape the city for a day and have an aperitivo on the hotel terrace, drinking in the view, clear above the clouds. Then, we forgot to take photos of you, entranced by the musicians, waving your arms wild with delight. Then we walked along the tree lined drive and found a perfect picnic spot just down the slope, while you slept, wrapped in the sling the colour your eyes used to be.

Now, it is the start of autumn and we came by taxi to escape the city for a night and wrap ourselves in the hotel bedspread the colour of the yellow leaves. Now you can dance to the musicians and clap on their beat and we manage to capture it on camera.  Now you can walk, although you still love to be carried close in the same sling, while we explore and you drink it all in with your eyes, the colour of the trees. Now our picnic is room service, cosy behind the thick curtains, while you sleep in the walk-in wardrobe, a perfect fit for your travel crib.

In these photos we are sitting on different sides of the same window, looking at the same scene, painted in different colours.

So many things have changed, and so many haven’t.

Beiteddine, November 2012

Beiteddine, November 2013