First and Last

by thelifesavour

A week ago today we had a last dinner with two dear friends, our first friends in Lebanon, who are about to leave the country. I realised that this farewell meal took place almost exactly two years after the first time we invited them to our house for dinner.Then we were still fresh and new in Beirut but our friends already knew its secrets.

And since the beginning they have shared them generously with us, from a photocopy of a bus map to an apartment needing new tenants; holding our hands while we learnt to walk (or rather take taxis)  until schway, schway, slowly, slowly we found our way, and were even able to share a few secrets with them.

We may no longer need their help to navigate Beirut, but it won’t be the same place without them. Without their kindess, their care, their way of connecting one person to another, weaving an intricate web of friendship, in this crazy-captivating-contradictory city that we’ve all called home.

We’ll miss you our first friends, and so will the city, but your legacy will last.