While I was away…

by thelifesavour

Our neighbourhood is not quite the same as it was when I left Beirut in December. As I settle back into our life here I notice the changes, in all shapes and sizes, some which make me smile, and some which don’t.

  • There is a new Urbanista cafe open at the beginning of Bliss Street, where a friend and I got a huge slice of carrot cake for free on our first visit, to feed our hungry baby birds, and where on our second visit, our daughter discovered she could drink out of a straw, so eager was she to get a taste of the banana, mango and orange smoothie they serve.
  • At our lovely mini-market they now sell organic free range eggs. It’s been more than two weeks so hopefully they are here to stay, unlike the imported maple syrup, which disappeared just when I was addicted!
  • In our other little local shop there have also been some changes. It seems the family who used to be in charge are no longer there, including the teenage boy who would bring up our new gas bottles, almost as big as him, with a spanner in the back pocket of his jeans and a mischievous grin on his baby face. The new people in charge don’t know our little girl’s name, like he did. And the prices have gone up.
  • There is no sign of our  English speaking third-floor neighbour (he of fridge fixing fame) and I haven’t yet plucked up the courage the ask the concierge where he is. When I do, I hope the answer has something to do with Canada or Europe and nothing at all to do with diabetes. I’ll keep you posted…