Happy Mother’s Day

by thelifesavour

Today is Mother’s Day in Lebanon, coinciding with the beginning of Spring, as it does every year. I discussed this yesterday with the Lebanese woman who runs the playroom at the Planet Discovery Science Museum, explaining that in the UK mothers are celebrated on a different date each year, depending on when Easter falls:

Me:For example, this year in the UK it’s on the 30th March but I like that in Lebanon it’s always the 21st March, the same as the beginning of Spring- it’s a nice thing!

Her: Yes…. at least we have something nice in Lebanon, hahaha… and it’s something that doesn’t change and is the same every year… 

…no matter what else is happening in the country, I finish her sentence in my head, and laugh along with her but feel the weight of her words in my heart and I wonder how much they weigh in hers.

So Happy Mother’s Day to the country where I became a mother, I wish you the certainty of Spring coming, with all its bravery and hope, even if it only snowed a week before.