Eat (anything but) your greens!

by thelifesavour

Yesterday you had broccoli for dinner. Just broccoli. Recently you had it for breakfast and a while ago you only ate peas and pear and nothing else for an entire day. Sometimes the only way to get you to eat things that aren’t green, like rice or eggs, is to put peas in them, as when there is a pea on the spoon you will usually pop it into your mouth.

I know many mothers struggle to get their children to ‘eat their greens’, but I seem to be dealing with the opposite and as happy as I am that you love your vegetables, I want to encourage you to eat all the colours of the rainbow. Which reminds me of when I was little and had to take a multi-vitamin tablet to take every day. They came in a rainbow range of colours and I was very particular about which colour was for which day- Mondays were yellow, Thursdays were purple…

Maybe you and broccoli is just another version of me and vitamins and perhaps another opportunity for me to trust you- that you really do know what your body needs and when.