The Settling Point

by thelifesavour

On Friday I made strawberry jam, for the first time as a mama. I remember the first time I ever made it, and wrote about it here.

Then it was a June afternoon, in a huge aubergine coloured kitchen, with enough time billowing around me, only interrupted briefly by a knock at the door from a man who needed my signature to authorise the end of a tree, to ‘put it to sleep’ before it became dangerously entangled with the power lines.

I don’t remember the recipe I used that time, except that there were only 3 ingredients- strawberries, sugar (caster) and a lemon (juice and pulp), and to my surprise it set, sweet and sticky and scarlet. Looking back, I probably cooked it slightly too long, passing the setting point for fear of not reaching it.  I had too just a little much time on my hands to worry and wait.

This time I use the same three ingredients and Mary Berry’s recipe as a rough guide. This time it is night and I stand over the stove in my white-tiled kitchen, with the windows open, measuring the minutes and hoping that my unsettled teething toddler won’t wake up until I’m done. Of course she does. At the crucial moment, when I am spooning hot jam onto a cold plate to see if it’s ready, I hear her cries. My sweet husband does his best to get her back to sleep, but she just wants me, so I take the jam off the heat and hope for the best.

And it turns out, that her timing was actually perfect and so was the jam.So my mama answer to the question:

How do you know when jam is at setting point?


When your baby is at settling point!