Learning your colours in Lebanon

by thelifesavour

My current technique for distracting my daughter in taxis is to get her to look out of the window and tell me what she can see (usually cars, occasionally cats, and if we are very lucky, like yesterday, cows on the back of a truck- or bus as she called it!)

This activity has  got a little more exciting since we added a few colours to our repertoire and we were trying it out in our friend’s taxi the other day:

Me: Look! Look! What can you see? Can you see blue? (pointing at the roof of a Mosque)

Her: Yellow! Yellow! (Pointing at a digger on a construction site- another favourite thing)

Me: She loves yellow! (‘translating’ for the taxi driver in case he didn’t catch her pronunciation ‘yay-ho’)

Him: Really? She loves yellow? (chuckling to himself and sounding surprised)

When I don’t respond he explains that in Lebanon yellow is attached to a particular political party- not his.

Me: Oh yes… she also likes green, but that’s another party isn’t it?

Him: Yes! And blue is for….

And he goes on to explain that in Lebanon ‘all the colours are taken’. Except maybe purple.

But as she can’t say that one yet, maybe it’s better if we keep quiet in the back of taxis for now- we wouldn’t want to offend anyone by mistake!