A week in Beirut: Tuesday

by thelifesavour

We woke up to two surprises.

First, an early text message about a midnight suicide bomb in Beirut. It hadn’t woken us in the night, and our whispered conversations about it in the morning didn’t wake our daughter, who for once slept beyond seven thirty, but the news caught me off guard, somehow the fact I slept through it made me feel extra unprepared.

The second surprise of the day was that we actually had water running from the taps, despite being told the night before by the concierge’s wife that we were about to run out: bukra, ma fi mai – tomorrow there’s no water. We had spent the evening washing up with extreme care and caution, taking super-fast showers and conscientiously filling every container we could find (a red bucket, a blue water bottle, a patterned plastic bowl). We were over prepared for an emergency that never arrived.

But that’s how it is here I suppose, you need to be ready for anything and nothing.